About Rosario

The Need For Our Service

The beauty sub-sector is a very prominent part of Nigeria’s retail industry. Lagos is where you have the head offices of virtually all the importers, manufacturers and wholesalers of beauty products in Nigeria.

There are basically three major product categories in this sub-sector- hair & accessories, cosmetics, and beauty equipment. The two major wholesale markets for these products are Balogun/Dosunmu market in Lagos Island and Trade Fair market in Ojo. Quality and more sophisticated beauty equipment are sold by a number of merchants on the high streets.

These two wholesale markets are so very fragmented; so many importers, manufacturers and wholesalers doing their thing in their own way. Basically each supplier/wholesaler deals in one of these three broad categories and of course it is not practicable for a wholesaler to deal in all of the brands in the category they deal in or have all the products in those brands they deal in.

Retailers on the other hand sell some mix of products across hair & accessories, cosmetics and beauty equipment. These retailers mostly have to make the tasking trip to these Lagos markets from within and outside of Lagos. Now the experience of navigating the ever busy Lagos markets, trying to source what a retailer really wants isn’t particularly a palatable one to put it mildly. Then of course you have the everyday concern of whether what you are purchasing is indeed a genuine product.

The end user doesn’t fare any better in both counts either. Lack of ready access to choice products is only an additional concern for the end user.

Rosario.com.ng is a one-stop online beauty marketplace! It is actually a market for retailers of beauty products and beauty practitioners who are looking to buy the best of beauty equipment for their businesses. It is also a market place for discerning end users who do not want to take the risk of purchasing fake/adulterated products. At Rosario.com.ng, what we aim at achieving is pretty simple; bringing all genuine products in these three categories of beauty products as aforementioned, under one virtual roof- www.rosario.com.ng.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the supply end of the beauty sub-sector of the Nigerian retail industry by making all genuine products available to both retailers and end users under one virtual roof, delivering same to them promptly upon request and at the lowest possible price. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to forge strategic partnerships with major dealers/suppliers of beauty products locally and internationally, to build a robust data base of end users, retailers of beauty products, supermarkets, salons and spas; and to use a combination of technology and superior customer service to make products promptly available to our customers wherever they may be. 

So if you retail beauty products or are a beauty practitioner, if you are buying for personal use; now you have the whole market brought to you wherever you may be! Relax, have some fun, do your business of retailing/offering beauty services while we take the arduous task of restocking off you.
WE GUARANTEE YOU CAN ONLY BUY GENUINE PRODUCTS FROM US. Now you can eat your cake and have it at the same time; how about that?