How To Find A Product On

We appreciate the fact that a lot of our customers are busy people who may not have all the time to surf around our website. For convenience sake we have taken care to classify all beauty products under broad categories as given on the home page. Now chances are whatever you are looking for easily falls under one of these categories. Click on a category of choice to view available products. You also have the option of clicking on 'next page' to view more products. Click on a subcategory which looks like where what you are looking for may be contained in; and again you have the option of clicking on ‘next page’ to view more products.

Alternative, if you know the name of the product you are looking for, you may want to search with some key words from the product’s name. If you are looking for, say, Xpression Schary, search for schary and Xpression Schary together with any other product which derives from 'schary' will be displayed. If you are not sure of the name but are certain it is an Xpression product, you only need to search for Xpression and all the products which belong to the brand “Xpression” will be displayed. 

You may also want to do a generic search. If for instance you are looking to buy a whitening cream or lotion, you could search for “whitening” and all products which have whitening in their names shall be displayed. 

How To Place An Order On

Orders could be placed either online or offline. For online placement of order, you will have to select products of choice as described above. Select the desired variables of colour, length and size as applicable. Key in the desired quantity and add to 'cart'. When you have finished your selection, click on 'items in cart' and your shopping cart is displayed. You can still change an item's quantity directly from your cart. When you are happy with your selection, select your 'delivery state', and key in other necessary details. Select your ‘payment option’, follow through the instructions and click on 'place order'. 

OFFLINE PLACEMENT OF ORDER IS AVAILABLE MAINLY FOR BULK BUYERS (Business Customers). These are customers who buy to resell or for professional use such as salons and spas. For offline placement of orders, you only need to fill out our 'Order Form' downloadable from the website (you will see this at the top right corner of the home page). The prices on the website are retail prices, so the business customer will have to fill out the names of products they are looking to buy on the offline order form, take a picture of the order form and send to us via Whatsapp or email. We shall promptly fill out the prevailing wholesale prices of items on the list and send back to them. When you are done with the order- quantity, colour and size appropriately indicated on the order list, complete the computations and apply the applicable delivery charge (refer to “Order, Payment & delivery” at the bottom of the home page). Proceed to make payment quoting your 'Customer Code', which shall be assigned to you by us, as part of the depositor's narrative. Take a picture of the order form and send to us via Whatsapp or email and your order is considered as ‘confirmed’.

There are basically two ways to effect payment for your order: our GTPay- online payment option which could be used from within and outside Nigeria or cash/cheque deposit/electronic transfer. Even though you might have placed your order offline, if you opt to use the GTPay payment option, it is still very possible. However, there is a charge of 1.25% on the total amount payable to a maximum of N2000. You only have to indicate your intention to use GTPay and we shall inform you how to go about it.

Depending on the circumstances of the customer, other acceptable means of payment may be allowed at the discretion of management. However, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE IS CASH PAYMENT IN EXCESS OF N40000 TO A SALES REPRESENTATIVE, A DELIVERY MAN OR ANY OTHER REPRESENTATIVE OF ROSARIO FOR THAT MATTER ACCEPTABLE. or its parent company- Alternative Connexions Ltd- shall not be responsible for any loss which may arise as a direct consequence of breach of this directive. 

When you have effected payment for your order, kindly contact us on our customer care lines- 08103037313 or 08059798381 with details of payment or send us an email at as soon as possible. 

Our Guarantees

Our slogan is “…your dependable partner in beauty”. In all that we do we endeavour to make sure that that is just who we are to you- a dependable partner. Our business is to make your quest for procuring genuine beauty products as easy and hassle free as it can be. As par company policy all your orders are insured and therefore whatever happens while your package is in transit isn't really your lookout at all! Your order is covered to its full value and in the event of loss/damage in transit, you will get a replacement as soon as is practically possible. 

While we shall be working fulltime Monday-Saturday, it is worthy of note that the markets where we operate from are not as buzzing on Saturdays; some of our partner-dealers are open only for half day, while some do not open for business at all. Hence our guarantees are binding on us only for Monday-Friday (Excluding Public holidays of Christmas, New Year and Easter). 

We use very reputable courier companies to ship your order to you. While we do not have control over the operations of these courier companies, we are pretty confident they will always do what is within their possible best to make sure your package gets to you timely. Delivery time typically ranges from 1 - 5 days depending on the part of the country where the delivery is to be made. 

Temporary Unavailability of Products

Our business is to make every beauty product in Nigeria available on Now when we must have proved that that is exactly what we do and have gained your trust, when we say a product is unavailable, then you certainly know it is unavailable. While we shall always update our website religiously, it may well happen that a customer has placed an order before we realize that some products in their order are not available. When this is the case, we shall promptly notify the customer of the situation and whatever the customer instructs us which may include, but not limited to, part/full refund for the unavailable items shall be done. 

Temporary Change in Price

Prices of beauty products remain fairly constant over a reasonably length of time. However, scarcity sometimes causes the market to arbitrarily increase the prices of some products, albeit temporarily. When this happens and a customer has ordered for a product whose price has so been affected, we shall notify the customer of the development, advising her on the lowest going price for such a product and act according to the customer's instructions. 

Incorrectly Supplied Order

While we have a system that double checks and confirms every order 'good to deliver' before shipping out, regrettably, it may well happen sometimes that there may be a mix up with your order. In the event that this happens, and whatever the mix up may be, our sales representative who covers the area where the customer is located will be called in to assess the situation. If there is no sales representative available at the time, an agreeable arrangement between the customer and shall be worked out over the phone. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the supply end of the beauty sub-sector of the Nigerian retail industry by making all genuine products available to both retailers and end users under one virtual roof, delivering same to them promptly upon request and at the lowest possible price. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to forge strategic partnerships with major dealers/suppliers of beauty products locally and internationally, to build a robust data base of end users, retailers of beauty products, supermarkets, salons and spas; and to use a combination of technology and superior customer service to make products promptly available to our customers wherever they may be.